A Hastiness of Cooks: A Practical Handbook for Use in Deciphering the Mysteries of Vintage Recipes and Cookbooks, For Living-History Re-enactors, Historians, Writers, Chefs, Archaeologists, and, of Course, Cooks

There’re “flocks of birds, “murders of crows,” and “grists of bees.”

And then there’s a “hastiness of cooks.”

Perhaps harkening back to the hastiness required to slap a meal together for King Henry VIII at Hampton Court, the last-minute rush to stuff the rooks and wring the heavy pastry blackbird pie from the roaring flames of the hearth.

Whatever the meaning, the reality is that soon, and I’ve idea how to define “soon” in this case, I will be publishing A Hastiness of Cooks.

Fence at Yorktown, Virginia